Amazing Anniversary

Valentines day and our anniversary are a day apart, so I’ll talk about them in the same post. And since I would be working on our anniversary we decided to celebrate both days a day early. To celebrate our anniversary, we had a pub meal, without actually going to the pub! Our local had limitedContinue reading “Amazing Anniversary”

Poor Paternity

In the UK, new Dad’s are only entitled to 2 weeks Paternity leave. This is the standard in a lot of places around the world, but some countries lead by example, and I would love it if we followed suit. Take Sweden, for example. New parents have an allowance of 240 days per working parent,Continue reading “Poor Paternity”

Winter Walks

For a little while, we were housebound after Jess‘s surgery. We couldn’t walk anywhere without her being in agony, and the pandemic restrictions meant that we couldn’t drive anywhere either, though the car was also painful. So when the day came when she felt well enough to go on a short walk, we were overContinue reading “Winter Walks”

First Festive Fun

Those who know us, know we absolutely love Christmas. Even Matilda‘s middle name, Noelle, means Christmas. And if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that we had had our decorations out for quite a while. Even before Matilda was born, every year we would watch as many Christmas movies as possible, watch White ChristmasContinue reading “First Festive Fun”

Contaminated Company

When Matilda was born, our area was under tier 4 restrictions. This meant that, because of the pandemic, we were not allowed any visitors to our home, and we weren’t allowed to meet with anyone outdoors either, outside of our support bubble. While Jess was pregnant, our household formed a bubble with her parents, andContinue reading “Contaminated Company”

Nappy Newbie

As I’ve said in several other posts, I hadn’t had much experience with babies before we had our own. So when it came to dressing and changing Matilda, I was quite nervous. Warning, this post contains some dirty details đź’©, which I’m sure she’ll love when she’s older! In the hospital, I was asked toContinue reading “Nappy Newbie”

Happy Hometime

We had a car seat that came with our pram, but now we had the scary task of putting her in for the first time and making sure she was secure. Not only that, but there was also the British December weather to contend with, so we had to make sure she was warm enough.Continue reading “Happy Hometime”

Anticipated Arrival

I’m going to skip the labour and delivery for now, because so much happened and there’s loads to talk about and if I don’t start on the stuff that’s happened since, I might never catch up. I might come back to it. But to put it simply, on 15th December, at about 4am, I wasContinue reading “Anticipated Arrival”

Suspicious Sunday

Jess woke up on Sunday, 13th December, feeling unusual. It was 15 days before her official due date, but she was already past 37 weeks pregnant, so was classed as full term. I had already decided that I was not going to be doing any more over time, as it was getting to the pointContinue reading “Suspicious Sunday”

Hypnobirthing Husband

Me and Jess done all the preparation we could, in order to have as much an easy labour and birth as possible. We both had apps on our phones that had several suggestions for different aches and pains, as well as things to prepare before the birth. I had an app called DaddyUp, which breaksContinue reading “Hypnobirthing Husband”


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