Reception Reveal

Because we had eloped, we never got to celebrate our wedding with our nearest and dearest, so we wanted to arrange a small get together to celebrate this. We had recently come out of a nationwide lock-down, but the pandemic was still ongoing so we would have to be clever and careful to keep everyoneContinue reading “Reception Reveal”

Ikea Inventory Issues

We had picked the furniture we wanted, and in what colour. IKEA had the only colour close to what we wanted, and we had already decorated our whole nursery based on this furniture. So, imagine our dismay when went to order it, and were greeted with an “Out of Stock” message. There were 4 piecesContinue reading “Ikea Inventory Issues”

Nice New Nursery

Jess started nesting quite early. Nesting is when you start preparing your surroundings for the arrival of a child. This meant we went through every cupboard and every room, sorting out what we need, and what we don’t, and making sure everything had its place. Then came the cleaning. Every room was cleaned and sterilisedContinue reading “Nice New Nursery”

Baby Broadcast

By the time our 12 week scan came along, we were so excited to share our news. Unfortunately, the nationwide lock-down made this difficult, but we didn’t want to just tell people over the phone, so we had to get creative. We FaceTimed Jess‘s sister first. Emily was trying to organise a belated hen partyContinue reading “Baby Broadcast”

Solo Scans

One of the hardest things about expecting a baby during a pandemic, is that the hospital rules on visitors are extremely strict. This meant that I was not allowed to attend one single antenatal appointment, including scans. This was heartbreaking when we found out. It boosted Jess‘s anxiety 10 fold. She didn’t like hospitals atContinue reading “Solo Scans”