Anticipated Arrival

I’m going to skip the labour and delivery for now, because so much happened and there’s loads to talk about and if I don’t start on the stuff that’s happened since, I might never catch up. I might come back to it. But to put it simply, on 15th December, at about 4am, I wasContinue reading “Anticipated Arrival”

Suspicious Sunday

Jess woke up on Sunday, 13th December, feeling unusual. It was 15 days before her official due date, but she was already past 37 weeks pregnant, so was classed as full term. I had already decided that I was not going to be doing any more over time, as it was getting to the pointContinue reading “Suspicious Sunday”

Hypnobirthing Husband

Me and Jess done all the preparation we could, in order to have as much an easy labour and birth as possible. We both had apps on our phones that had several suggestions for different aches and pains, as well as things to prepare before the birth. I had an app called DaddyUp, which breaksContinue reading “Hypnobirthing Husband”

Pregnancy Partnership

I’ve nearly got to the end of Jess‘s pregnancy now, so before I start on the labour and the arrival of our little girl, I wanted to talk about the pregnancy as a whole. While Jess was the one that was pregnant, we were both expecting, so this pregnancy needed to be a partnership. AndContinue reading “Pregnancy Partnership”

Dog Days

Towards the end of the pregnancy, there wasn’t much more to do but wait. We had everything sorted, the nursery, the pram, the car, plenty of supplies for different contingencies and we were as ready as we were ever going to be. Christmas was coming, and with it comes an early pay day that hasContinue reading “Dog Days”

Skype Shower

Well, it was Zoom, but I’m keeping up with the alliterative titles! By November, Jess was starting to get quite upset. She missed her family and friends, and all of the occasions where we would all usually meet up, had to be cancelled due to the lock-down. And by now, it was becoming apparent thatContinue reading “Skype Shower”

Appropriate Automobile

My job has the perk of providing me with a van for work. This means that me and Jess are able to share a car. It’s great, bills, travel expenses and even our impact on the environment are all lower than they otherwise would be. Before I had this job, we did use 2 cars,Continue reading “Appropriate Automobile”

Yearning for Yuletide

Me and Jess love all of the different holidays that occur throughout the year, particularly those close to the end of the year, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Usually we would have a big Halloween party with all of our closest friends, and we had still planned on having one. The lockdown was no longer inContinue reading “Yearning for Yuletide”

Picking the Perfect Pram

We knew this day was coming, but we had been putting it off! There is just so much choice when it comes to prams! Fortunately, this was being gifted to us and we had been given a budget, but it still did not make it any easier! There are so many things to consider! WillContinue reading “Picking the Perfect Pram”

Lovely Lakeside

While we did get married abroad, me and Jess never felt like we got a honeymoon. The trip was only short, and it was a strict itinerary we had to follow. Far from a relaxing, post-wedding break. We did have a trip to Mexico booked, but it was with Thomas Cook, which as you know,Continue reading “Lovely Lakeside”