Covid’s Coming

For weeks, before we got married, there were rumbles of a new infectious disease originating in Wuhan, China, known as Coronavirus, or Covid-19. Despite warnings, though, the west including Europe and America felt invincible, and we were all adamant that we would be fine. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to catch you up onContinue reading “Covid’s Coming”

Nordic Nuptials

In February of 2020, we pulled off something pretty spectacular. We made a fairly last minute change to our wedding plans. We were to have a big summer wedding, complete with all the fancy wedding stuff, but in the final few months we realised that the wedding we had organised wasn’t us in the slightest,Continue reading “Nordic Nuptials”

School Sweethearts

So, I suppose the story of me becoming a father, starts with me meeting the baby’s Mum, my wife. So let’s start at the beginning. I hope you’re comfortable, this post is going to cover everything from us meeting up until our wedding day. That’s 10 years, as briefly as I possibly can. It wasContinue reading “School Sweethearts”