Ikea Inventory Issues

We had picked the furniture we wanted, and in what colour. IKEA had the only colour close to what we wanted, and we had already decorated our whole nursery based on this furniture. So, imagine our dismay when went to order it, and were greeted with an “Out of Stock” message.

There were 4 pieces we wanted. A changing table, a cot, a wardrobe and a wing-back chair. Regardless of our persistent checking, all 4 were never in stock at out local IKEA at the same time. Our local store is about 1 hour away, so it wasn’t practical to go back and forth every time an item we needed came in stock. IKEA also charge £40 for delivery of larger items, and you can only order delivery from a store, there is not a centralised warehouse that deliveries come from, so if an item is out of stock at the store you are ordering from, delivery is also not available.

The cot was the main struggle. It just wasn’t coming back in stock. There was a window when the 3 other pieces were in stock at our local store, and we took a gamble and ordered it. It was a gamble because we had no way of knowing if we were ever going to get the cot that matched them.

At the time, I was working near Manchester quite often, so I happened to check the stock there, and there it was, one left. The only issue was, I was in a work van that had specifically been racked and shelved to suit the needs of my job. There was not space for large flat pack furniture. I reserved the cot regardless, and I would figure something out.

And then it happened. Another car hit my work van side on, completely distorting the side doors and wheel arches. The door wouldn’t shut, and the vehicle was not driveable. Luckily, both parties were unharmed, and my van was taken to a body shop for several months. In the mean time, I was given a hire van to use for work. A van with no shelves, no racks, and plenty of space for a piece of furniture. How convenient?

When I got home with the cot, the rest of the furniture had already been delivered. All that was left was to assemble. Now this is where I thrive. Flat pack furniture is what I call adult Lego, and for some reason it is something I particularly enjoy doing.

The nursery was complete. All we needed now was a baby to put in it.

Image courtesy of Jess
Image courtesy of Jess
Image courtesy of Jess
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Nice New Nursery

Jess started nesting quite early. Nesting is when you start preparing your surroundings for the arrival of a child. This meant we went through every cupboard and every room, sorting out what we need, and what we don’t, and making sure everything had its place.

Then came the cleaning. Every room was cleaned and sterilised from floor to ceiling. We do keep quite a tidy home anyway, as it is shared on Instagram quite regularly, but something felt a bit more complete about having everything organised, tidy and clean. Not only that, but having the home sorted is a great way to be to calm your mind, also.

And just when I thought we were done, Jess suggested a little decorating. No drastic changes to our home, just touch ups, painting over marks and scuffs in the paint work on the walls and furniture. After all, we would be decorating the nursery in the same colour, so we would have the paint in anyway.

So then we started on the nursery, and this was still quite early in the pregnancy. Some people thought we might be tempting fate by decorating so early, but we were in a lock-down, and we had nothing but time. We didn’t know the gender yet, so we opted for a nice gender neutral colour pallet and theme. The theme was to be woodland, with browns and creams to compliment it. We emptied the room, painted it, and we had a blank canvas to work with and fill with our own furniture and character.

Jess had a toy-chest/bench that her Dad had made her when she was young. Her Dad passed away when she was 9, so it meant a lot that this piece was used. We had also picked the main furniture we wanted from Ikea, and this was going to be gifted. Another piece of furniture, a sewing table inherited from Jess‘s grandma, would fit perfectly among the furniture we had already chosen. Because we knew what furniture we wanted to use, and had a rough idea of where we wanted it to go, we could get some small decorative pieces to adorn the room and give it some character.

We opted for some woodland wall stickers, bookshelves, a large rug, a shelf with pegs for hanging, and a wooden initial for the baby’s name, whatever it would end up being. We were also gifted a home made macrame piece from a friend in Sweden. To complement these, we changed the plug sockets and light switches to a brass finish. And finally, we changed the lights.

I am quite tall, and the previous light fixing was a pendant style that I would often hit my head on. I realised that I would be regularly coming in to the room late at night to see to the baby. I would be tired, and I would probably hit my head fairly regularly, so I changed it to one that was more flush with the ceiling. It was fairly straight forward, but if you have any doubt about replacing switches, sockets, or fixings, please consult an electrician.

The new light was great, but it was still very harsh for night time feeds and changes. We thought about a dimmer, but we came up with a way to make it even more cosy. We planned on having a wing-back chair in the corner of the room. We had always wanted one, so we thought a lamp pointing up the wall, hidden behind the chair, would give off the perfect amount of light. We have a similar set up in our living room, behind our TV and our sofa, and it feels very warm and homely.

So our room was decorated, and planned. We just needed to trip to IKEA to get the rest.

Image courtesy of Jess

Baby Broadcast

By the time our 12 week scan came along, we were so excited to share our news. Unfortunately, the nationwide lock-down made this difficult, but we didn’t want to just tell people over the phone, so we had to get creative.

We FaceTimed Jess‘s sister first. Emily was trying to organise a belated hen party for Jess after the lock-down, and the wedding reschedule, meant that the original one had to be cancelled. The problem with that was, that the proposed rescheduled date was November, when Jess would have been 8 months pregnant. We needed to tell her before she booked anything. Jess was recording her screen so we could capture her reaction. Emily was walking down the street when we called, and when Jess showed her a positive pregnancy test, she was shocked and speechless, but over the moon at the same time. But now that Emily knew, we could get her in on the surprise to tell Jess‘s parents.

We drove to Jess‘s parents’ house, and parked out of view of the window. Only her Mum was home, as her Dad was working away at the time. We arranged with Emily for her to start recording, and to ensure that they were in the living room for us to surprise her. We had ordered a custom baby vest saying “Baby Dobson Due December 2020”, and we had planned to sneak up to the window and show her it. It worked perfectly, Emily managed to record her reaction from the inside, and I managed to get it from the outside, and we managed to sync them up perfectly in the end video. We then placed the vest on the bonnet of their car, and sent a photo to Jess‘s Dad, with a caption saying “There is a bump on your car.” This car was his pride and joy so we knew he would check a message like that as soon as he possibly could. They were both absolutely ecstatic.

We arranged an outdoor, socially distant cup of tea with my parents. The weather was cold and windy, so not ideal weather for it, but we needed to tell them regardless! Our wedding photos had arrived, and we had ordered an album for both sets of parents, so we used this as our excuse to get them round. We hid a little message on the back page of the album, which we hoped they would see as they were flicking through. Due to the wind, they missed it at first, so I had to encourage them to check again! We also, secretly, got their reaction, and they too were speechless!

Next up was Jess‘s Grandad, and my Nanna. They had both recently lost their spouses, so could do with cheering up. We told them both from their garden, and while we were sad that we couldn’t hug, they made us laugh and offered us words of support. They were thrilled for us!

And finally, we told our closest friends. One lives far away and the others have work and university, so some of them had to be told via video call. But their responses were no less heart-warming, regardless.

And then we told the world, with a small photo from our first scan.

We are so lucky to have such supportive friends and family around us. We are beyond happy with their responses and reactions, so we compiled a video of our favourites. Please enjoy.

Template Purchased From Etsy
Image courtesy of Jess

Solo Scans

One of the hardest things about expecting a baby during a pandemic, is that the hospital rules on visitors are extremely strict. This meant that I was not allowed to attend one single antenatal appointment, including scans.

This was heartbreaking when we found out. It boosted Jess‘s anxiety 10 fold. She didn’t like hospitals at the best of times, but it was our first pregnancy and she didn’t have anyone there with her to support her if things weren’t going according to plan. And of course, I was devastated not to be able to see our first child together. Not only that, the new rules also meant that I would not be able to come into the hospital with Jess until she was in active labour, or 4cm dilated. If she ended up being induced, I wasn’t allowed there at all. And even after the birth, I would only be allowed to stay for 1 hour. The rules were just not fair at all, and I imagine the effects on the mental state of some parents would have been devastating.

Our first scan, known as the dating scan, was in June 2020, 12 weeks pregnant. Fortunately, there were no issues, but our hearts go out to those Mum’s to be that were told their little one wouldn’t make it, without the support of the child’s Father there, only for Mum to have to tell him herself. It was about this time that the #butnotmaternity movement started. The lockdown that started due to the pandemic was starting to lift, shops were reopening and progress was being made on fixing the economy, though the pandemic would last for months longer. But parents were still being put through this emotional turmoil. #butnotmaternity was a petition started by Mum’s that were having to endure this heartache on their own. It got a lot of attention and signatures, but it seemed to disappear under the radar of the government for a long time, with daily briefings from the Prime Minister failing to even acknowledge the problem until December, when the rules did finally change. Unfortunately, all of our scans and appointments had been and gone, so we didn’t get to benefit from that, but it did mean we didn’t have to worry so much about the delivery, because I could be there no matter what. And it turns out, it did end up mattering (see a later blog post).

Even though official NHS scans were not allowing visitors, private clinics were, provided that you wore the recommended PPE. We are fortunate enough to have amazing friends, and they paid for us to attend a private scan, a couple of days before our official scan was due. This meant that we could both see our baby for the first time, together. We also ended up going private for our growth scan, where we found out the gender and hearing our baby’s heartbeat for the first time, but that’s for another post.

Seeing our baby together was magical. At 12 weeks, your baby is tiny, sometimes resembling not much more than a peanut, but with ours there was no mistaking that it was a baby. Ours was already very active! Moving and turning, even hiccuping. It is such an amazing experience and I am so grateful that I got to be there with my wife. We both got excited and emotional together, and we smiled from ear to ear. And it was perfect.

With the private clinics, you have the option to purchase a recording of the scan, and are given proper 6″x4″ photographs. We decided to get the recording, as the baby was moving too much for us to not! Basically putting on a show for us! Another video we have kept in our private video vault, but an incredible memory for us to hold on to.

The baby was measured, and we were told our initial estimate of our due date.

24th December, 2020.

Merry Christmas!

Image courtesy of Jess

Worry and Wonder

When Jess first told me that she was pregnant, my reaction wasn’t much to be desired. I just went quiet, to the point where she had to ask me to say something. I truly was over joyed, but I couldn’t help a wave of other thoughts and emotions come over me.

The news shouldn’t have come as a shock to me. We were married, and it’s not like we weren’t trying. I just wasn’t expecting it so quick, I expected to have chance to get some things in order first.

At the time, I had the only income, so immediately that was my first concern. How will we afford to look after her? Prepare for her arrival? Keep up with the ever growing need for bigger clothes?

And then there was the “what will people think?” stage. I don’t even know why this crossed my mind. We were married, we weren’t too young, and we had been in a relationship for 10 years. But I still worried that people were going to be disappointed.

And finally, I had the “am I even ready?” stage. This one’s a tough one, and I feel that this one is what gets people the most. Was I going to be a good Father? Do I have any skills or heirlooms or assets to teach my kid? It really rattles around your brain, and I can see how it can make people anxious or even depressed.

It turns out, however, that I needn’t have worried about any of that.

Money? I can always earn more money through over time and working away. I have the most amazing parents and in-laws who would always help us out if we ever needed it. We had just got married so we also had some cash gifts we could dig in to. But even if I wasn’t fortunate enough to have those, support is out there.

Opinions? First of all, who cares? As long as you’re happy, which I was, then nothing anyone says can bring you down. You know what’s right for you, and only you. But luckily, everyone was very happy with the news, (as you will see in a future blog) and everyone was very supportive. Even during a pandemic, we never felt alone. People constantly offered us support and asked if we needed anything. This was particularly appreciated when I was working away, leaving Jess to struggle alone.

And ready? What even is ready? How do you know when you’re ready? Who is ever ready for their first child? The thing is, you can do all the preparation in the world. Read all the books, go to all the classes, but the truth is, come delivery day, all that goes out the window and you just figure it out. Babies are a lot more robust than you might think. As long as you are of sound mind, looking after a baby will come naturally. I’m not saying it will be easy. You will still be tired and protective, but you will be a great Father. So just look after yourself.

I was already overjoyed at the news, but when I realised all of that, I could really start to feel excited and ecstatic. I was going to be a Dad!

Fast and Fertile

It was the end of April, and Jess noticed she was late. She kept this from me though, as she didn’t want me knowing anything might be happening unless she was certain. So, we woke up together, and she waited for me to go to work.

We already had a handful of pregnancy tests in the house as we bought a bundle while they were on offer not long before. They ranged from cheap and unreliable, to the digital ones that literally tell you in words whether you’re pregnant or not. So she first took one of the cheap ones, as to not be wasteful.

10 minutes later, the test appeared to be negative, and she went to dispose of it. But as she walked past a window she happened to glance at it again in a different light. And she caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a line, indicating a positive. It was very faint, but it was definitely present. So she took another, more reliable test. One where you still had to wait for the line to show, but a reputable test nonetheless.

Sure enough, a positive result. Jess was euphoric and hysterical. She had convinced herself that we would struggle, that we would take a while to conceive. The dates seemed to point to a conception date not 5 weeks after we got married. A pretty incredible feat considering I had been working away for 2 of those weeks.

She still couldn’t believe her eyes though, could she get two false positives? So she took a third and final test, the most advanced one of the bundle. And to her disbelief, the test in front of her said the word “Pregnant”. She had all 3 results in front of her, the first 2 were maturing more and the line was becoming more visible. There was no doubt about it, she was indeed pregnant!

Bare in mind though, that I still did not know. And it was still the beginning of the day. In what felt like an eternity, less than 1 hour had passed. She still had hours before I was due home. So she eagerly and anxiously waited, holding on to news that was going to change our life. It must have been torture!

I got home a little earlier than usual, and I sat down on the couch. Jess was in the kitchen making me a coffee. We had made plans to go for a walk that evening so she used our take-out cups. And she brought in my coffee and sat beside me.

Jess usually loves her coffee, so I did ask her why she didn’t have one, but I had no reason to question her response, so I didn’t even notice anything was odd. I started sipping my coffee while Jess stared at me. I commented that it was a nice coffee in case she was waiting for a compliment, but still she stared. I sipped, she stared. So I asked her “what’s wrong?”. She responded “nothing”, but I noticed her glance at my drink. So I glanced too.

There it was, clear as day, she had written something on my cup, like a lot of coffee chains do. So I turned my cup to read it, and there it was, right in front of me. “Little Dobson, coming soon”. I was too busy sipping the delicious coffee to even notice anything different about the cup.

I went quiet for quite a while. Jess said it felt like forever. In the end she even asked me to say something. I truly was over the moon, but I was also flooded with other thoughts and emotions (that’s for another blog) that I just was speechless. Jess had been secretly recording my reaction, so we have that to remind me how not to react in future. But in no means was I unhappy. Jess went on to show me a video she had took of her finding out herself and her reaction, which we have kept in our personal video vault. Needless to say, seeing her reaction go from disappointment and despair, to ecstasy and euphoria was heart warming and amazing.

We were having a baby.

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Covid’s Coming

For weeks, before we got married, there were rumbles of a new infectious disease originating in Wuhan, China, known as Coronavirus, or Covid-19. Despite warnings, though, the west including Europe and America felt invincible, and we were all adamant that we would be fine.

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to catch you up on that. If you’re confused in the slightest, where have you been this past year?

But, our wedding that we had so meticulously been planning to the minute, was mildly threatened to not go ahead, and we did not realise to what extent until we got home. No more than a week after we arrived home, Sweden went into a national lock down, and the UK soon followed.

At this point, though, we were newly weds, and we were enjoying each others company, so this lockdown didn’t matter to us too much. Sure, we missed family, but this was only going to last a few weeks, right…?

So we hunkered down, and kept ourselves entertained indoors, watching movies and playing board games. To us, nothing could have been better! But we were sad for the people who’s parties and events had to be cancelled. My Mam had her 50th party scheduled for the day the lockdown began!

The initial lockdown was a 3 week period. Unfortunately, this spanned Easter weekend.

Easter is one of our favourite times of the year. Jess is a Christian so it’s an important holiday for her regardless. We get to watch some great Easter based films and attend an Easter church service, which I must say, is always fascinating. And on top of that, not only do we get to spring clean and get to decorate our house accordingly, but there’s chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. We even have our own little Easter Bunny, Nala. And who can forget the ultimate indulgence, the Easter Dinner. Jess makes a fantastic Easter roast, complete with a roast leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic butter, home made gravy, and all the trimmings! I am getting hungry just thinking of it! We would usually make a big deal of it, and invite the family round to join us for a spectacular feast, but things had to be different this year. So we ate in our own company. Followed by a FaceTime call that evening between Jess and her family.

I don’t quite remember the topic of conversation. I was far too full to eavesdrop. But one thing did prick up my ears. Jess was talking to Emily, her sister, my now sister-in-law. She said that Jess appeared to be glowing. Little did we know at the time that she was right, Jess was indeed glowing. A nice, healthy, early pregnancy glow.

Image courtesy of Jess
Image courtesy of Jess
Image courtesy of Jess

Nordic Nuptials

In February of 2020, we pulled off something pretty spectacular.

We made a fairly last minute change to our wedding plans. We were to have a big summer wedding, complete with all the fancy wedding stuff, but in the final few months we realised that the wedding we had organised wasn’t us in the slightest, and involved trying to please far too many people without focussing on the people who mattered. Us. So we cut our losses and went back to the drawing board.

A-ha! Stockholm! A place we had visited twice and fell in love each time. A place we’d hoped we would one day live. So, the research began, but we had to move quickly. Jess was incredible, booking a slot at city hall, finding out what documents were required, translating all of said documents, printing them and sending them off, all with time to spare! Our new wedding was booked, for the day exactly 10 years since we met. The flights were booked, the parents were coming, it was going to be amazing. Great! We had sorted it… we thought…

5 weeks before we were due to marry, I hadn’t heard from the Swedish Tax Agency to confirm that everything was okay, so I decided to call them. This was the first of several long, expensive international phone calls! They told us that, because we were not Swedish citizens, some of the forms we had sent were not applicable to us, and we needed the UK version. The document we needed was a ‘notice of marriage’, and for those who don’t know, takes exactly 4 weeks to be produced in the UK. Once we had this document, we had to present it to the Swedish Tax Agency with our ID for them to finally issue us with the Swedish equivalent, and the City Hall had to receive these Swedish documents before they could confirm our booking!

Well, I was working away at the time, but I frantically called around our local registry office, our wedding venue and the Swedish Tax Agency to see if there is any way I could make this work.

There was.

But everything had to go exactly to plan.

I got an appointment with our registrar exactly 4 weeks before our outbound flight was due from Manchester Airport, a 2.5 hour drive from where we live. I had to come home early from working away in order to make this appointment. This would mean that we would have to pick the documents up 4 weeks later, as soon as the office opened, race to the airport to make our afternoon flight. But we managed to get our UK documents, so we just needed everything in Sweden to go according to plan.

I spoke with the Swedish Tax Agency and explained our situation, and they confirmed that they would be able to issue us with the certificates that we needed on the same day that we arrive. We were arriving on the Thursday night and were due to marry on the Saturday. The Tax Agency opened at 10am on the Friday.

I also managed to make an arrangement with the City Hall, and they were happy as long as they received the documents before they closed, the day before our wedding was due to take place. Perfect, I thought, until I realised that they closed at noon on Fridays.

So the main part that needed to go right, only had a two hour window to go right, including travel between the two places. We had a hire car, so this wasn’t such an issue.

But we arrived at the Swedish Tax Agency and we were met with puzzled looks and “sorry, we can’t do that”. Fortunately, I had kept all records of conversations in preparation for this, but we were losing hope. Our window was closing, fast. I had a case worker who I had been speaking to who confirmed it was all possible, and I was frantically trying to call her. More expensive calls! Her direct number wouldn’t work, so I called her office and asked for her, to be told that she was on sick leave. At this point, it was 11am. We had 1 hour remaining to hand over our documents, or our wedding the next day would not be taking place.

And then I got a call.

“Hi, this is Matilda from the Swedish Tax Agency. I am working on your case in the absence of my colleague. Could you pass me over to the clerk who is dealing with your request please?”.

So of course, I obliged. They had some conversations in Swedish that me and Jess could not understand. We had no idea whether the conversation was positive or negative and we just had to wait. And then it happened, our clerk brought over our certificates. We had done it, we just needed to get them to the City Hall, with 30 minutes to spare!

We got to the hire car and noticed a parking ticket, which we promptly ignored in our haste, and raced to the City Hall during Friday lunchtime city traffic, probably breaking several traffic laws en-route. And we made it to this large over-arching building, that had many different doors for many different purposes. I now had 5 minutes to run around the whole building looking for the correct place to drop it off. And I made it. We breathed a huge sigh of relief.

The next day, we got married as planned, and had an amazing day and trip. Jess looked beautiful, the venue was incredible, and the photos we have to keep are phenomenal. It was just perfect.

Matilda the case worker really saved the day. “What a nice name”, we thought. And the name laid dormant in our minds.

Image courtesy of Stuudio Huusmann
Image courtesy of Stuudio Huusmann

School Sweethearts

So, I suppose the story of me becoming a father, starts with me meeting the baby’s Mum, my wife.

So let’s start at the beginning. I hope you’re comfortable, this post is going to cover everything from us meeting up until our wedding day. That’s 10 years, as briefly as I possibly can.

It was Valentines Day, 2010, and me and about 30 other kids from my school were off on a trip to New York City. I had a large group of friends from my own year group also on the trip, and I didn’t know anyone from the other year groups. Among one of the people I didn’t know, was Jess, but that would soon change.

We boarded the coach in the very early hours of the morning to Manchester Airport, and headed off on our way. When we got there, we queued to check in, but there was a problem. The flight we were supposed to be on had already departed. Fortunately, it was the airline’s mistake as they had confirmed the incorrect time on the group booking, so they did everything they could to get us on a different flight. Our whole group were asked to wait out of the way in the check in hall while the school and airline staff tried to come up with a solution.

We waited there for 10 hours.

Luckily, I had brought my iPod docking station, which we set up, and started playing music and dancing. We entertained many travelers that were just passing through, and we kept our own spirits up in the process. Eventually we got news that we were confirmed on a flight the next day, and that we were staying in the airport hotel.

When we got to the hotel, the school staff had a lot to worry about including informing all of our parents of the situation, and update all the paperwork to ensure our large group trip was still legal and viable. So while this was happening, the group of kids were basically left to our own devices. This meant that most of us did not stick to our own bedrooms, but instead, formed little groups in different rooms where we all were just chatting and getting to know each other.

I was flitting between rooms, spending a little bit of time with everyone, until I got to one where I was comfortable. There were about 5 others in that room, all with great stories and conversation, but there was one I was fixated on. You guessed it, that was Jess. That very night, I told my best friend, who was on the trip with us, that I liked her, but at the time I didn’t know the feeling was mutual. I stayed up all night just talking to her, sharing stories and learning about her history. I was mesmerised.

So, we got to New York City. Our hotel was slightly outside of the city, so we had to wait in the lobby every morning until our shuttle bus arrived. This allowed me and Jess even more time to chat, and the bond grew stronger.

Day 3 on the trip, we went to a shopping outlet, and on the bus back at the end of the day, we were sat next to each other. And Jess kissed me. Then, that very night, we went to the Empire State Building observatory, and we went ice skating on the Rockerfeller, so let’s just say our first dates were very memorable.

People doubted our relationship, saying that it was just a holiday romance, it will pass. Sure, we have been through some difficult times, but who hasn’t? And we proved them all wrong.

We developed an affinity for travelling, and in the following years we went around Europe, all over the UK, and in 2017 we even went back to America. We stayed with family in North Carolina, and more family in Maryland, driving up the east coast in a hire car, stopping at Washington DC, and finally ending in New York again.

It was amazing to be back. We got to do so much that we wanted to do before, but weren’t able to due to the confines of the “stick together rule”. This time, we were in charge. We could do what we wanted, when we wanted, all without a curfew.

We had been together for 7 years. Proposing was definitely on my mind. We were in the city where our love began, and we had all this time. But I decided against it, as I thought it would have been too predictable.

But then, on 8th August, 2017, we went back to the Empire State Building, where it all began. We were up there a short while, before Jess then asked me, “What would you say if I asked you to marry me?”.

I responded, “I’d say no, because you don’t have a ring.” And then there it was, she pulled out a ring. Jess had beat me to it, waving the flag for equality.

In 2018, we moved out of our parent’s house, and we started planning a 2020 wedding. And that leads us to this year.

As a gift for our wedding, Jess created a video for me showing our adventures and our relationship growing from day one. It sums up everything up until our wedding, so I have shared it here.

Please enjoy.

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Welcome to Dad Talks

Hello everyone. I’ll keep the introduction fairly short. This is as new to me as it is to you so please bare with me.

In 2020, during a global pandemic, I got married and became a father for the first time. I decided to start to document my experiences and thoughts. The idea came to me after our daughter’s birth, so the first few posts will be retrospective.

I have never kept a diary or put my personal life in the public eye, so this is leaving me feeling exposed and vulnerable, but I feel it will benefit myself as well as others if I document my experience for other first time fathers, and even repeat fathers.

I am not an expert in anyway and I don’t claim to be, but sometimes, it’s just good to talk, vent or even just write something down so it’s off your chest. I have a contact form and will respond to comments on blogs if you feel you need to reach out too.

And it’s not just for Dads either. Hopefully I can help or even get help from any parent, and who knows, maybe even collaborate with some of you in the future.

While you’re here, please also check out my family and “dadvice” pages. If this doesn’t reach any one, so be it. But Merry Christmas everyone!


Image courtesy of Stuudio Huusmann