Progression Possibility

Let me back track a bit to give you a bit of context.

After getting a degree in Aerospace Engineering, I started working at a small aerospace firm. I was wanting to work my way towards manufacture of aircraft components, and eventually become an aircraft mechanic. I was hired as a buyer, but it was a foot in the door to the industry.

My job involved using processes and systems that were out of date and inefficient, so I took it upon myself to find a way to make my job easier, and thus everyone else’s. I taught myself how to code, and I created a system that’s still in use years after I left. I’d found something I really enjoyed, and that I was capable of teaching myself. But the job I was in didn’t offer me the opportunity of career progression or to develop my new skills. To be honest, I didn’t feel challenged enough, so I completely changed my career to something more hands on, where I would be able to problem solve, and started work as a field engineer at Openreach.

I loved my new job. I trained for 12 weeks with a great bunch of people, end thoroughly enjoyed my time. As I became competent, the job got more enjoyable. No two days were the same, and there were often problems that I could really sink my teeth into. I felt a great deal of job satisfaction. But I was still enjoying developing my programming skills in my own time, by delving into a bit of game development.

I started Openreach in 2018 and its now 2021, so I’ve been doing it a little while. I still love my job, but its predominantly outdoors, and the winters are tough. There are days where the rain just doesn’t stop and there’s just no way to dry off or warm up without getting instantly soaking again.

So imagine my delight when I received an email, advising of a job role within Openreach, that would involve me using and developing my programming skills, while being desk based in the dry and warm. I drafted out an application, and sent it off.

In fear of this starting to sound like an application, I’ll get to the point. 8 days after Matilda was born, 2 days before Christmas, I was told I had been shortlisted. My interview was to be early in the new year, and I had the next couple of weeks to prepare. This was obviously going to be difficult with a new born, but Jess was amazing and understanding, and made sure I had time to study. But there were times I tried to settle her while working, which proved an interesting challenge.

But my efforts paid off, and shortly after my interview, I found out I had been selected. Better still, the current lock down meant it would be working from home, and I could spend a little bit extra time with my new family.

It’s initially only temporary, but if I show what I’m capable of and make an impression, it may just become permanent. I can only hope!

Image Courtesy of Jess

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