Amazing Anniversary

Valentines day and our anniversary are a day apart, so I’ll talk about them in the same post. And since I would be working on our anniversary we decided to celebrate both days a day early.

To celebrate our anniversary, we had a pub meal, without actually going to the pub! Our local had limited valentines meals that were available for collection, and we managed to nab one of them! And Jess‘s parents offered to have her for a little while so we could enjoy some uninterrupted time together. Two 10oz fillet steaks, chunky home-made chips, dessert and a bottle of wine. We had eaten at this pub before, back when we were allowed, so we knew we were in for a treat, but it did not disappoint and the food was incredible. But leaving Matilda for the first time was tough for both of us! By the end of the night we missed her, so we were glad to have her back.

Next, was valentines day. We always have made a big deal about valentines day. It’s not just the Saint Valentine we celebrate, it’s also the anniversary of us meeting each other. Cliche, I know, but it’s true.

Usually we would spend a weekend somewhere. In the past we’ve done Sweden, the Welsh countryside, Chelmsford, Warner Bros studios, and even a hot tub cabin in the Yorkshire dales. Obviously this year it had to be slightly different, with travel banned and everywhere closed.

We do have one tradition that we were able to honour, however. We never used to have a Starbucks in our home town, yet we always found ourself visiting one on Valentines day, no matter where we were in the world. It felt more novel, and like a treat, knowing it was something we couldn’t have at home. It was an accidental tradition, initially, until we realised and we started making an effort to make it so. We always get whatever the limited edition Valentines hot chocolate is. And recently, 2 have opened in our town. We were unable to sit in, but we went through the drive through and still enjoyed our drinks!

It was made even more special with a Valentines shortbread they also offered. This is something they introduced last year, which we got when we stopped at a service station to meet our hot chocolate needs, on the way to the airport before getting married, so we had to get it again this year.

But this year, we also had to make it special for our daughter! She can join in on tradition when she’s a bit older, but Jess saw this as a perfect opportunity for a bit of a photo shoot! We rearranged the living room to turn it into a studio, with a huge backdrop of balloons and heart streamers, and we all dressed in red and black, and we tried to get lots of lovely family and individual shots. Matilda had other ideas and she wasn’t best pleased, but we did manage to get a few smiley shots. We will make a romantic out of her yet!

The weekend was finished off with a delicious chicken dinner, prepared by Jess, but for both meals she made our home look incredible. She puts in so much effort to make things special and memorable, she really puts me to shame.

We didn’t go too crazy with gifts this year. Jess got me a mouse mat and notepad covered in her and Matilda‘s faces in honour of our paper anniversary, perfect for me to use now that I would be working from home. I absolutely love them! And I got Jess the usual assortment of chocolates and flowers, and a music box that plays our wedding song.

I can’t believe we’ve been married a year. We are so lucky we managed to do it just before the pandemic closed down the world. And what an amazing year it’s been. The restrictions have meant we could spend a lot of time together, creating a perfect place and environment to bring our daughter into the world.

We never in a million years, thought we would already have a child before our first anniversary. We had hoped, but we didn’t think it would happen so quick. Jess has given me the best gift, a family, and she’s an amazing wife and mother. I love her dearly, more and more everyday. Happy valentines day everyone! And happy anniversary darling ❤.

Personal Image
Image Courtesy of Jess
Image Courtesy of Jess
Image Courtesy of Jess
Image Courtesy of Jess

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