Winter Walks

For a little while, we were housebound after Jess‘s surgery. We couldn’t walk anywhere without her being in agony, and the pandemic restrictions meant that we couldn’t drive anywhere either, though the car was also painful.

So when the day came when she felt well enough to go on a short walk, we were over the moon. Not only could we get some fresh air, but mobility meant that Jess could take off her flattering, post-surgery stockings!

Our town is by the sea, and our local park is lovely, so we have a few options when it comes to walks, but the park is our favourite, so that was our first choice. Going on our first walk meant using the pram for the first time too, and allowed us the opportunity to figure out all the attachments and the best way to fit it in the car.

We enjoyed a quick 10 minute walk, and while it was painful for Jess, she loved getting outside, and even pushed the pram the whole time, pushing past the pain. She done amazing!

As she recovered, we started walking more frequently and for longer, alternating between the park, several different beaches, and even just our local area. We probably walk more now than we did before Jess fell pregnant! We even had a long, great walk with her family (our support bubble) and she did amazing.

The down side of living by the sea is that we rarely ever get snow. Lots of places around us do, though, and this year they got quite a lot of it. In any other year, we would take a little road trip to go and find the best snow, but the pandemic restrictions prevented us from doing so. It was probably for the best, because it was unwise to put Jess in a position where she might slip not long after surgery.

Even without snow, we regularly make a trip to the lake district for a day out, and a bit of a walk. We can’t wait to be able to go there again with Matilda, but for the time being we don’t mind keeping it local. At this point in the pandemic, we’re grateful even for the fresh air.

While I was on my Paternity leave, we tried to get out as much as we could, in order to spend as much time together as possible. But my leave was soon coming to an end.

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Image Courtesy of Jess

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