Nappy Newbie

As I’ve said in several other posts, I hadn’t had much experience with babies before we had our own. So when it came to dressing and changing Matilda, I was quite nervous. Warning, this post contains some dirty details 💩, which I’m sure she’ll love when she’s older!

In the hospital, I was asked to put some clothes on her for us to go up to the ward. Up to this point, she only had a nappy on, but luckily, that didn’t need changing yet. I must have looked terrified, because the midwife asked if I wanted to watch her do it first, which I obliged.

Then, when we wanted to get our announcement photo, it was my turn to dress her for real. Again, I got out of doing the nappy, but even the clothes were scary at first. Jess got a video of me trying to dress her, and it’s hilarious to watch back. I was so gentle with her, scared to bend her arms and legs into their respective holes in her clothes. I have got much quicker since then, babies are much less fragile than you realise.

It wasn’t until we got home that I did my first nappy. Because we were breast feeding, nearly every nappy was dirty, so that was fun. It’s so strange, the first few poos were black and like a tar consistency, before going like a dark green. It will change colour regularly after that, but it depends on how you’re feeding and how your baby reacts with the milk. My first nappy was a success, but the fun ones were still to come.

If we think Matilda is filling her nappy, we try and get it off her as soon as possible, so quite often, she’s still going when we open it up. How such a small person can create such a smell is beyond me, and where does she store all that poo? Honestly, we’ve often gone through 2 or 3 nappies in one change because we’ve thought she was done.

There has been times where we haven’t quite got her nappy off quick enough, and it’s exploded out and all over her clothes. Those ones are fun, particularly since most baby clothes have to go over their head to get it off! There’s been a few nappy changes that have ended up with us bathing her. Usually when we’re trying to be on a schedule!

But the most fun ones are she she decides she wants to cover us too! I’ve had one where she has weed all up my front, with the power of a jet wash. A trait I thought was typically boy behaviour, but that’s me learned a lesson. But Jess has had it worse. On several occasions, Matilda has pooed mid wipe, resulting in Jess‘s hands and fingers being covered! It’s often been a 2 person job, and while it is disgusting, it’s hilarious at the same time. And even though she can’t laugh yet, I’m sure Matilda is finding it funny too! But boy, does the smell linger!

After 1 week, we worked out that we had used about 160 nappies, which is absolutely insane. We were told to expect about 12 per day initially, so we were a little above average. Me and Jess are quite eco-conscious, and we are trying to reduce our impact on the climate. So, where possible, we are trying to use biodegradable nappies, but they are considerably more expensive, and reusable doesn’t really work well for us.

We’re using a nappy bin that you twist between every nappy, keeping the smell in. But when it’s full, you get a rather funny looking nappy garland! I think it would make a great decoration, it was Christmas after all! But Jess disagreed.

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