Happy Hometime

We had a car seat that came with our pram, but now we had the scary task of putting her in for the first time and making sure she was secure. Not only that, but there was also the British December weather to contend with, so we had to make sure she was warm enough.

Several layers later, and after worrying if the restraints were too tight or too loose, we were ready to leave. Jess was still hobbling, so we had a slow walk out of the hospital. And of course, she got the photo of me carrying the bags and the car seat.

We got to the car, and we were so happy that we got the base that goes with the car seat that permanently stays in the car, because it meant that it just clicked in without battling with the seatbelt. We started the car, and set off.

I have never driven so carefully in my life. Not only did I have a new life that I was responsible for, but Jess had just had surgery, and every bump in the road was agony for her. It wasn’t pleasant, I tried to drive on the smoothest route and the smoothest surfaces, but some bumps were unavoidable. But eventually, we got home, and we went straight to bed.

I laid on the bed while Jess slept, with our new daughter asleep on my chest, and in that moment, the world stopped. I had a moment to take it all in. My wife, laid beside me, had been through so much, and came out strong and was determined to make a quick recovery. And Matilda, so perfect and peaceful, gave my life a new purpose. I thought to myself how lucky I am, how perfect and beautiful my little family was. Everything was incredible, and everything was quiet. For now.

Photo Courtesy of Jess

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