Suspicious Sunday

Jess woke up on Sunday, 13th December, feeling unusual. It was 15 days before her official due date, but she was already past 37 weeks pregnant, so was classed as full term. I had already decided that I was not going to be doing any more over time, as it was getting to the point where I wanted to be home as much as possible, just in case anything happened. We didn’t have any plans, so we stayed home and watched a Christmas movie.

We did have a few friends and family call that day. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, we still weren’t allowed guests, so they came to the door to drop some Christmas presents off, as time was running out to do so. Jess told those that we saw, that she thought the baby was coming that day. Not only that, but the 13th was Emily’s, (Jess‘s sister’s), prediction, and she has a habit of guessing things correctly.

By this point, though, Jess had told me on several occasions that she thought the baby was coming, so it was starting to feel like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” But, we already had some bags packed just in case. A bag for Jess, a bag for baby, and a bag for me. We had found some checklists online that we used to make sure we were taking enough of the right things. My bag was mainly snacks, as I wouldn’t really need to be changing or showering in the hospital. If Jess ended up staying in hospital, I had to leave at the end of visitation, and was allowed to return again the next day when visitation started. This had only recently been the case, as the pandemic originally meant that I was only allowed to be present when Jess was in active labour, and for 1 hour after delivery, so we were grateful for the slight relaxation. Anyway, I still doubted that the baby would be coming that day.

It came to about 6pm, and we had our evening meal. It was a really tasty, hearty, filling dish, meatballs in a tomato sauce with home made goose fat chips! Delicious! And it’s a good job it was filling because it turned out to be Jess‘s last meal for over 30 hours. Shortly after, I was cleaning the dishes, and Jess came out of the bathroom, looking rather sheepish. “I think my water’s have just broke”, she said.

We called the hospital, and asked for their advice. They confirmed that it sounded like the water had broke, and that we should make our way to the hospital, but not to rush. Jess had planned to labour at home, until she was far along enough to make the hospital visit as quick as possible, but after water breaking, the risk of infection goes up, so the hospital was the best place to be, especially since contractions had not yet even started.

We remained calm, grabbed the bags and the car seat, and made sure Nala had enough food should we be gone for a while, and set off for the hospital.

It was happening, the baby was coming, but we had no idea of what was still to come.

Image courtesy of Jess

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