Yearning for Yuletide

Me and Jess love all of the different holidays that occur throughout the year, particularly those close to the end of the year, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Usually we would have a big Halloween party with all of our closest friends, and we had still planned on having one. The lockdown was no longer in place and as long as we followed social distancing measures, we wouldn’t be breaking any rules. We were already going to reduce the guest list to accommodate this.

We were so excited, we decorated the house ready for Halloween and for our party. We usually watch a Halloween themed movie every day during October, and then put on a big spread of themed food and drink for our party. Obviously, Jess wouldn’t be drinking but we had a great idea for a costume, and once again it was going to be the party of the year.

Then, the government announced that they would be introducing a tier system, whereby different parts of the country would have to follow different rules depending on the local infection rate. We were initially placed in tier 2 which meant that we would have to follow the rule of 6 for guests inside a house.

So, that was it, we had to cancel Halloween, and we were beyond fed up. We had already cancelled one of our annual parties earlier in the year. We always have a shindig for Eurovision, in May, where guests are challenged to come dressed in a theme to represent a competing country. We serve food from different European countries, and it’s always good fun.

So, the Halloween spirit was well and truly gone. We gave up watching movies, failing to even watch our traditional Hocus Pocus on the day of Halloween. We put all of our decorations away, and decided that we also wouldn’t be doing Thanksgiving.

Christmas was next! A little Christmas spirit might cheer us up, and nothing can spoil Christmas! And anyway, if we left it too much longer, Jess wouldn’t be able to stand close enough to the tree to decorate it! So there we were, late October/early November, our Christmas decorations went up.

We love our home at Christmas, and it really did cheer us up. Yes, we got called for putting the decorations out so early, but after the year we had all had, who cares?

And, we had a new room we could decorate! So we got Matilda her own tree and some ornaments, and made the whole place look festive.

We just needed her to make her grand entrance!

Image courtesy of Jess
Image courtesy of Jess

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