Appropriate Automobile

My job has the perk of providing me with a van for work. This means that me and Jess are able to share a car. It’s great, bills, travel expenses and even our impact on the environment are all lower than they otherwise would be.

Before I had this job, we did use 2 cars, but mine was a cheap run about and Jess‘s was a newer, better car, so when the decision came to go down to one car, there was no contest over what we would keep.

It was a silver Ford Fiesta, and it was Jess‘s first car, and the first big purchase she had ever made, so she had grown quite attached to it. Even while we were sharing the car, Flo (what she called it) was hers. It was her pride and joy.

So, I approached the subject cautiously when I mentioned that we might need to change the car to be more accommodating for a baby. She was understanding, and the hunt began. We knew we needed something a little bigger, but not so big that it would be difficult to drive.

We started by looking online, and found a few fairly local that we wanted to take a look at. We weren’t wanting brand new, but we did want something fairly recent, with low mileage and from a reputable dealership. Unfortunately, the pandemic meant that we couldn’t just turn up and ask for a test drive. So we made an appointment, and we both had a go at driving it. We both really liked it, and decided to go for it. We tend to have a habit of going for the first thing we see with everything, but it’s never failed us yet.

And we took home a blue Renault Captur, not massive but ample of space for all things baby. We had finally ticked off every big thing we needed to sort before Matilda’s arrival.

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