Reception Reveal

Because we had eloped, we never got to celebrate our wedding with our nearest and dearest, so we wanted to arrange a small get together to celebrate this. We had recently come out of a nationwide lock-down, but the pandemic was still ongoing so we would have to be clever and careful to keep everyone safe. We came up with the idea of a garden party.

Me and Jess live in an apartment with no garden, so we had to convince her Mum to let us use hers. Her garden was big enough so that the guests could be socially distant, but close enough to still be social, with a toilet very close to the back door, so it was ideal given the circumstances.

Before we decided to get married in Sweden, we did have a summer wedding planned. This meant that during our planning, we acquired lots of wedding props and decorations, so it would have been a shame to not use them. So we filled the garden with tables and table cloths, and adorned them with our original centre pieces. We had photos of us strewn around, and lots of fairy lights just in case the party went late into a summer night. We had even created wedding favours in the form of Lego mini-figures, made to look like each guest. And of course, we would be putting on food.

The garden looked great, so all we needed was for the reliable British weather to hold up. It was August, so we had a good chance. Our mini wedding reception was looking to be a success. Little did our guests know, that we had a surprise.

Jess was 20 weeks pregnant. For those that don’t know, in the UK you attend a growth scan at 20 weeks and can also find out the gender. The scan wasn’t due till the following week, and I still wouldn’t be allowed to attend, so we booked another private scan. This scan took place on the morning of our garden party, so we decided to do a surprise gender reveal.

Obviously, before this day, we did not know what the sex of the baby would be, so as soon as we found out, we got hold of a confetti cannon and made some last minute preparations for the surprise. This obviously meant that we had to keep our mouths shut until we were ready.

The party went amazing, everyone was in good spirits, everything was safe and legal, and the weather was dry. It did get quite cold at some points in the day, but what can we expect from Britain. And at 6pm I got up to make a speech, as though I was going to make a toast like a usual wedding reception.

And this is the moment everyone found out we were having a baby girl!

Image courtesy of Jess
Image courtesy of Jess
Image courtesy of Jess

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