Picking the Perfect Pram

We knew this day was coming, but we had been putting it off! There is just so much choice when it comes to prams! Fortunately, this was being gifted to us and we had been given a budget, but it still did not make it any easier!

There are so many things to consider! Will it fit in the car? Is it easy to push? Is it easy to fold? Is there enough storage? What about bags and drinks? And it’s easy to get lost in it all. We tried our best to keep things simple. We started by looking around some local shops to get a feel for different styles and looks.

Our research made us realise that we wanted a travel system. A travel system is usually a 3-in-1 pram, consisting of a car seat, a carry cot and a stroller that can all be interchangeably mounted to the pram frame, and is very useful to not have to store and transport 3 different things every time you go anywhere. We had our eyes on one, the IckleBubba Stomp V4, and we went to our nearest stockist to take a look. We probably would have ended up with that one, had the member of staff at the shop not make a pigs ear of demonstrating it. She made it look so difficult to use and unpractical, that we were completely put off.

We went to a different store to check out a different system that we had had our eye on. The staff here were great, they left us to our own devices to test and play with the pram. Due to the pandemic, there were no customers in the store so we did not feel rushed or pressured. We just located the pram we wanted to take a look at, and we figured it all out ourselves, and realised that it’s really not that hard to use. We had found the pram we wanted.

It was a Venicci Soft model. It had a nappy bag that conveniently hooked onto the handle bar, a height adjustable handle which was useful for mine and Jess‘s height difference, a drink holder, a large basket, and the attachments were reversible, meaning the baby could be world-facing or parent facing. It came in a variety of colours, which suited our quirky character, and came with some extras like wheel covers, rain cover and insect cover. All of the fabric components were removable for washing, and could be vented on warm days to keep the baby cool. And, as an optional extra, you could get an ISOFix base, which is something that permanently stays in the car, securely fixed to fixing points in compatible cars, and means that you don’t have to mess with the seat belt every time, as the car seat just clicks in and is secure.

The car seat that comes with a travel system is only suitable up to the age of about 1, in which case you will need to replace it with a more permanent seat, but you should try and keep them rear facing as long as possible, so this is something to think about if you are wanting a travel system.

We ordered the pram in a green fabric with a black chassis. We hadn’t seen many green prams, so we thought we would stand out. It turns out, several others had had the same idea. The green was out of stock, and had been discontinued, so we changed our order to grey with a white chassis and we are still very happy with our choice. We opted to get the ISOFix base too, to make our life easier. The pram was a little too big for our current car, but we knew we would soon be upgrading that too.

But our pram was sorted, and we were starting to feel a lot more prepared. It was all starting to feel very real.

Image courtesy of Venicci

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