Nice New Nursery

Jess started nesting quite early. Nesting is when you start preparing your surroundings for the arrival of a child. This meant we went through every cupboard and every room, sorting out what we need, and what we don’t, and making sure everything had its place.

Then came the cleaning. Every room was cleaned and sterilised from floor to ceiling. We do keep quite a tidy home anyway, as it is shared on Instagram quite regularly, but something felt a bit more complete about having everything organised, tidy and clean. Not only that, but having the home sorted is a great way to be to calm your mind, also.

And just when I thought we were done, Jess suggested a little decorating. No drastic changes to our home, just touch ups, painting over marks and scuffs in the paint work on the walls and furniture. After all, we would be decorating the nursery in the same colour, so we would have the paint in anyway.

So then we started on the nursery, and this was still quite early in the pregnancy. Some people thought we might be tempting fate by decorating so early, but we were in a lock-down, and we had nothing but time. We didn’t know the gender yet, so we opted for a nice gender neutral colour pallet and theme. The theme was to be woodland, with browns and creams to compliment it. We emptied the room, painted it, and we had a blank canvas to work with and fill with our own furniture and character.

Jess had a toy-chest/bench that her Dad had made her when she was young. Her Dad passed away when she was 9, so it meant a lot that this piece was used. We had also picked the main furniture we wanted from Ikea, and this was going to be gifted. Another piece of furniture, a sewing table inherited from Jess‘s grandma, would fit perfectly among the furniture we had already chosen. Because we knew what furniture we wanted to use, and had a rough idea of where we wanted it to go, we could get some small decorative pieces to adorn the room and give it some character.

We opted for some woodland wall stickers, bookshelves, a large rug, a shelf with pegs for hanging, and a wooden initial for the baby’s name, whatever it would end up being. We were also gifted a home made macrame piece from a friend in Sweden. To complement these, we changed the plug sockets and light switches to a brass finish. And finally, we changed the lights.

I am quite tall, and the previous light fixing was a pendant style that I would often hit my head on. I realised that I would be regularly coming in to the room late at night to see to the baby. I would be tired, and I would probably hit my head fairly regularly, so I changed it to one that was more flush with the ceiling. It was fairly straight forward, but if you have any doubt about replacing switches, sockets, or fixings, please consult an electrician.

The new light was great, but it was still very harsh for night time feeds and changes. We thought about a dimmer, but we came up with a way to make it even more cosy. We planned on having a wing-back chair in the corner of the room. We had always wanted one, so we thought a lamp pointing up the wall, hidden behind the chair, would give off the perfect amount of light. We have a similar set up in our living room, behind our TV and our sofa, and it feels very warm and homely.

So our room was decorated, and planned. We just needed to trip to IKEA to get the rest.

Image courtesy of Jess

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