Ikea Inventory Issues

We had picked the furniture we wanted, and in what colour. IKEA had the only colour close to what we wanted, and we had already decorated our whole nursery based on this furniture. So, imagine our dismay when went to order it, and were greeted with an “Out of Stock” message.

There were 4 pieces we wanted. A changing table, a cot, a wardrobe and a wing-back chair. Regardless of our persistent checking, all 4 were never in stock at out local IKEA at the same time. Our local store is about 1 hour away, so it wasn’t practical to go back and forth every time an item we needed came in stock. IKEA also charge £40 for delivery of larger items, and you can only order delivery from a store, there is not a centralised warehouse that deliveries come from, so if an item is out of stock at the store you are ordering from, delivery is also not available.

The cot was the main struggle. It just wasn’t coming back in stock. There was a window when the 3 other pieces were in stock at our local store, and we took a gamble and ordered it. It was a gamble because we had no way of knowing if we were ever going to get the cot that matched them.

At the time, I was working near Manchester quite often, so I happened to check the stock there, and there it was, one left. The only issue was, I was in a work van that had specifically been racked and shelved to suit the needs of my job. There was not space for large flat pack furniture. I reserved the cot regardless, and I would figure something out.

And then it happened. Another car hit my work van side on, completely distorting the side doors and wheel arches. The door wouldn’t shut, and the vehicle was not driveable. Luckily, both parties were unharmed, and my van was taken to a body shop for several months. In the mean time, I was given a hire van to use for work. A van with no shelves, no racks, and plenty of space for a piece of furniture. How convenient?

When I got home with the cot, the rest of the furniture had already been delivered. All that was left was to assemble. Now this is where I thrive. Flat pack furniture is what I call adult Lego, and for some reason it is something I particularly enjoy doing.

The nursery was complete. All we needed now was a baby to put in it.

Image courtesy of Jess
Image courtesy of Jess
Image courtesy of Jess
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