Baby Broadcast

By the time our 12 week scan came along, we were so excited to share our news. Unfortunately, the nationwide lock-down made this difficult, but we didn’t want to just tell people over the phone, so we had to get creative.

We FaceTimed Jess‘s sister first. Emily was trying to organise a belated hen party for Jess after the lock-down, and the wedding reschedule, meant that the original one had to be cancelled. The problem with that was, that the proposed rescheduled date was November, when Jess would have been 8 months pregnant. We needed to tell her before she booked anything. Jess was recording her screen so we could capture her reaction. Emily was walking down the street when we called, and when Jess showed her a positive pregnancy test, she was shocked and speechless, but over the moon at the same time. But now that Emily knew, we could get her in on the surprise to tell Jess‘s parents.

We drove to Jess‘s parents’ house, and parked out of view of the window. Only her Mum was home, as her Dad was working away at the time. We arranged with Emily for her to start recording, and to ensure that they were in the living room for us to surprise her. We had ordered a custom baby vest saying “Baby Dobson Due December 2020”, and we had planned to sneak up to the window and show her it. It worked perfectly, Emily managed to record her reaction from the inside, and I managed to get it from the outside, and we managed to sync them up perfectly in the end video. We then placed the vest on the bonnet of their car, and sent a photo to Jess‘s Dad, with a caption saying “There is a bump on your car.” This car was his pride and joy so we knew he would check a message like that as soon as he possibly could. They were both absolutely ecstatic.

We arranged an outdoor, socially distant cup of tea with my parents. The weather was cold and windy, so not ideal weather for it, but we needed to tell them regardless! Our wedding photos had arrived, and we had ordered an album for both sets of parents, so we used this as our excuse to get them round. We hid a little message on the back page of the album, which we hoped they would see as they were flicking through. Due to the wind, they missed it at first, so I had to encourage them to check again! We also, secretly, got their reaction, and they too were speechless!

Next up was Jess‘s Grandad, and my Nanna. They had both recently lost their spouses, so could do with cheering up. We told them both from their garden, and while we were sad that we couldn’t hug, they made us laugh and offered us words of support. They were thrilled for us!

And finally, we told our closest friends. One lives far away and the others have work and university, so some of them had to be told via video call. But their responses were no less heart-warming, regardless.

And then we told the world, with a small photo from our first scan.

We are so lucky to have such supportive friends and family around us. We are beyond happy with their responses and reactions, so we compiled a video of our favourites. Please enjoy.

Template Purchased From Etsy
Image courtesy of Jess

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