Fast and Fertile

It was the end of April, and Jess noticed she was late. She kept this from me though, as she didn’t want me knowing anything might be happening unless she was certain. So, we woke up together, and she waited for me to go to work.

We already had a handful of pregnancy tests in the house as we bought a bundle while they were on offer not long before. They ranged from cheap and unreliable, to the digital ones that literally tell you in words whether you’re pregnant or not. So she first took one of the cheap ones, as to not be wasteful.

10 minutes later, the test appeared to be negative, and she went to dispose of it. But as she walked past a window she happened to glance at it again in a different light. And she caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a line, indicating a positive. It was very faint, but it was definitely present. So she took another, more reliable test. One where you still had to wait for the line to show, but a reputable test nonetheless.

Sure enough, a positive result. Jess was euphoric and hysterical. She had convinced herself that we would struggle, that we would take a while to conceive. The dates seemed to point to a conception date not 5 weeks after we got married. A pretty incredible feat considering I had been working away for 2 of those weeks.

She still couldn’t believe her eyes though, could she get two false positives? So she took a third and final test, the most advanced one of the bundle. And to her disbelief, the test in front of her said the word “Pregnant”. She had all 3 results in front of her, the first 2 were maturing more and the line was becoming more visible. There was no doubt about it, she was indeed pregnant!

Bare in mind though, that I still did not know. And it was still the beginning of the day. In what felt like an eternity, less than 1 hour had passed. She still had hours before I was due home. So she eagerly and anxiously waited, holding on to news that was going to change our life. It must have been torture!

I got home a little earlier than usual, and I sat down on the couch. Jess was in the kitchen making me a coffee. We had made plans to go for a walk that evening so she used our take-out cups. And she brought in my coffee and sat beside me.

Jess usually loves her coffee, so I did ask her why she didn’t have one, but I had no reason to question her response, so I didn’t even notice anything was odd. I started sipping my coffee while Jess stared at me. I commented that it was a nice coffee in case she was waiting for a compliment, but still she stared. I sipped, she stared. So I asked her “what’s wrong?”. She responded “nothing”, but I noticed her glance at my drink. So I glanced too.

There it was, clear as day, she had written something on my cup, like a lot of coffee chains do. So I turned my cup to read it, and there it was, right in front of me. “Little Dobson, coming soon”. I was too busy sipping the delicious coffee to even notice anything different about the cup.

I went quiet for quite a while. Jess said it felt like forever. In the end she even asked me to say something. I truly was over the moon, but I was also flooded with other thoughts and emotions (that’s for another blog) that I just was speechless. Jess had been secretly recording my reaction, so we have that to remind me how not to react in future. But in no means was I unhappy. Jess went on to show me a video she had took of her finding out herself and her reaction, which we have kept in our personal video vault. Needless to say, seeing her reaction go from disappointment and despair, to ecstasy and euphoria was heart warming and amazing.

We were having a baby.

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