Welcome to Dad Talks

Hello everyone. I’ll keep the introduction fairly short. This is as new to me as it is to you so please bare with me.

In 2020, during a global pandemic, I got married and became a father for the first time. I decided to start to document my experiences and thoughts. The idea came to me after our daughter’s birth, so the first few posts will be retrospective.

I have never kept a diary or put my personal life in the public eye, so this is leaving me feeling exposed and vulnerable, but I feel it will benefit myself as well as others if I document my experience for other first time fathers, and even repeat fathers.

I am not an expert in anyway and I don’t claim to be, but sometimes, it’s just good to talk, vent or even just write something down so it’s off your chest. I have a contact form and will respond to comments on blogs if you feel you need to reach out too.

And it’s not just for Dads either. Hopefully I can help or even get help from any parent, and who knows, maybe even collaborate with some of you in the future.

While you’re here, please also check out my family and “dadvice” pages. If this doesn’t reach any one, so be it. But Merry Christmas everyone!


Image courtesy of Stuudio Huusmann

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